As an education consultant since 1980, I have watched fads come and go and educational priorities wax and wane. But despite the shifting strategies of the adults around them, children have remained the same! They still need to physically experience concepts to fully understand them, and their preferred modes of acquiring knowledge have always been, and still are, movement, play, and active learning.

My work – whether it’s in the form of presentations, consulting, curriculum design, books, articles, or radio interviews – is primarily dedicated to the understanding, now confirmed through brain research, that the mind and body are connected and interdependent

I want to help audiences and readers:

  • better understand the mind/body connection 
  • educate the whole child
  • implement active learning across the curriculum (get children moving and learning)
  • promote the value of play 
  • identify and implement developmentally appropriate fitness and physical education for young children 
  • promote children’s creativity despite the trend toward standardization 
  • advocate for developmentally appropriate practice 

If you're looking for someone to keynote at your next conference, to conduct classroom observations and/or professional development training, to write physical activity curriculum, or to consult with you on movement, play, or active learning, call me at 703-550-0595 or write me at rae@raepica.com. I look forward to talking with you!
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"You are truly a service to all educators. What a gift you are!"

Eric Jensen

Jensen Learning

"You are truly an inspiration.… I personally feel that your efforts are so critical to healthy children..."

Janet Shapan, Producer

LA Talk Radio show, "Answers for the Family"